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    about me...

ImageDealing with food has brought me the biggest enjoy since my youth. At first it was the baking which most fascinated me. I created different gâteaus, cake and different sweet things. Flavours most different from the connection read I again and again newly inspire me. I loved and love the smell of spices and herbs, at all the inexhaustible variety of food which we find on our earth. Find out around the subtle flavours in my nose I run smelling by the kitchen and around my cooking pots and your reality over my palate to sample.
I have spent many years discovering and creating something new. Yielded meetings inspiring themselves and exceeding limits with people and kitchen cultures.
A cook style of one's own which connects the Italian cooking with its various spices and fragrances and the aesthetics of the Asian cooking.
I give the advantage, food the full one energy and considerably more flavour, vitamins and minerals contained as products of the agro industry, grown because natural, to food of biological origin. "Wellness" primarily comes from inside.